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This blog is dedicated to the book Ritual Theatre: the power of dramatic ritual in personal development groups and clinical practice which was published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers on November 15th 2011.

The blog is aimed at those interested in the power of ritual theatre to heal and transform i.e. therapists of all kinds, students, academic, practitioners, or those who are interested in the healing power of theatre.

This is an opportunity to find out more about this vast and fascinating topic, view content we were unable to include in the book, learn about events in connection with the publication of the book, as well as a resource of ritual theatre events, organisations, blogs that we feel would be of interest to you.
You can if you wish interact with the contributors, tell us how the book has impacted you, or add your voice. We welcome your participation.

How do you do that? You can make a comment on any of the post on this site. If you want to comment to a particular contributor – you may want to comment on a post they have authored.

Since Ritual Theatre is essentially a participatory activity that has been practiced since the earliest times.I suggest that you subscribe to email updates which you will see on the right hand side (i.e “follow blog by email) so you can be alerted when there is a new post. If you wish to interact with contributors – after you have made a comment I suggest you tick the box “Notify me of follow-up comments via email”.

Here is an excerpt from the book jacket:

Ritual theatre is a powerful healing system, practised since ancient times by early societies and tribal communities, that has the ability to effect deep transformation in its participants, support growth and development, and resolve personal issues. This book considers the relevance of ritual theatre in contemporary life and describes how it is being used by dramatherapists as a highly cathartic therapeutic process.

With contributions from leading experts, this book brings together a broad spectrum of approaches and offers a comprehensive discourse on the theory, application and potential of ritual theatre as a healing system. It explores the anthropological and tribal roots of dramatic ritual and proposes that ritual theatre finds its most potent expression in personal development work. The practical application of ritual theatre in various clinical settings is discussed and the final chapters explore the possibilities of ritual theatre as performance.

We look forward to dialoguing with you.

Claire Schrader



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