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Next ritual theatre workshop in London

My next ritual theatre workshop

Summer Workshop with Claire Schrader
Avatar, the workshop

avatar original 300x168 Avatar, the workshop
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A workshop exploring the inspiring film of Avatar taking you on a journey of empowerment and transformation – helping you to deal with the difficult people in your life.

In Avatar Jake, a paraplegic veteran ex-marine takes the place of his twin brother in a scientific/military operation to obtain/”steal” the precious resources of Pandora which lie underneath the homeland of the Na’vi tribe – in exchange for the promise of surgery to restore the use of his legs. Because Jake shares the same genetic make-up as his brother he is able to inhabit the “avatar” made for his brother enabling him infiltrate the Na’vi.

At the beginning of the film he is constantly being told he is not good enough, and all he is seen as is as a “useless cripple” yet as he is exposed to the magical ways of Na’vi and captivated by Neytiri, the warrior princess, he re-discovers the heroic spirit that lives within him and has been deadened by his unfortunate circumstances.

In this inspiring workshop we will be exploring, the film Avatar – to activate the vital, alive and magical energy that lives within you that so easily gets lost or suppressed in the course of our daily lives.

By the end of the film, Jake says good bye to his human state to live permanently in his avatar body – and you too will have the opportunity to symbolically release the experiences, situations and memories that are holding you back from fulfilling your potential.


COST: £150
DATE: 26th/27th Jull 2013
TIMES: 10.30-5.30pm
LOCATION: tbc Helios Centre, 116 Judd Street, London WC1
TUBES: King Cross, Russel Square, Euston

Limited spaces. Book early to reserve your place.

Click here to book now

More information about the workshop and booking


About Claire Schrader

I edited the book on Ritual Theatre, because I was passionate about the power of ritual theatre to heal and transform through my work as dramatherapist in the personal development field. I brought together leading dramatherapists from UK and USA to explore the many way in which they have worked with


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