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Sue Jennnings: The Healing Practices of the Senoi Temiar and other videos from the Ritual Theatre Book Launch

Here at last are the videos from the Ritual Theatre Celebration that took place in London on June 29th 2012.

Of special interest is Sue Jennings’ talk on the Healing Practice of the Senoi Temiar, based on her experiences of living with the Temiar when she was doing her anthropological research. Her talk mesmerised her audience and of great interest for those interested in ritual, anthropology, tribal medicine, dramatherapy or shamanism. Sue also describes the healing of her youngest son by the Temiar shaman and the verification by a western doctor that he had been very sick indeed and was now fully recovered.

The videos are in chronological order.

Introduction and Welcome
Claire Schrader (dramatherapist, playwright, editor)

Invocation – Ritual Drumming

Tom Morley and Dawn Ellis of Instant Teamwork

Ritual Theatre Origins

Claire Schrader (dramatherapist, playwright, editor)

Anthropology and the Roots of Ritual Theatre. Plus a demonstration of the healing practices of the Senoi Temiar people of Malaysia.

Dr Sue Jennings (dramatherapy pioneer, actor, anthropologist and author)
Part 1

Part 2

Ritual Theatre in Personal Development and Society

Claire Schrader (dramatherapist, playwright, editor)

Connecting with the Divine Feminine – Ritual Theatre with women diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder
Debra Colkett (dramatherapist, actor)

Part 1

Part 2

Metamyth – Ritual Theatre and the treatment of Epilepsy
Thalia Valeta (dramatherapist, actor, and founder of metamyth)

Part 1

Part 2

Ritual Theatre Performance
The “suicide scene” from a ritual theatre exploration of King Lear
Catherine Casolani (coach) Thelma Sharma (performer, dramatherapist)

video to follow

Ritual Theatre Journey
narrated by Claire Schrader(dramatherapist, playwright, editor) with drumming by Tom Morley  (trainer, drummer)


About Claire Schrader

Developed myth-a-drama, an approach bringing together the healing potential of myth and drama (ritual theatre). I offer my clients an opportunity to play, and inhabit the parts of ourselves that normally get locked away. The benefits: more emotional health, a way of clearing out the toxic emotional junk that builds up in the course of our lives, release stress, and reclaim the child within.


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