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Call to the Wild – next ritual theatre workshop

3-4th November 2013

Do you have a wild side that you have hidden away?

Do you want to have more fun, feel more alive and express yourself in a more potent way?

Come and join us in this liberating workshop freeing up the Wild Spirit in you working through  creativity, self expression, movement, dramatic enactment and personal ritual.

Cast off niceness and conformity and awaken the alive spirit within you exploring the story of the Wild Man.

The Wild Man lived at the bottom of a deep pool, deep in the forest. Whenever anyone came near, the wild man devoured it and soon it came known that the pool and the forest was a very dangerous place.

Until one day a mysterious huntsman came along and drained the pool – and there at the bottom he found the Wild Man whose body “was brown like rusty iron, and whose hair hung over his face down to his knees.”

The huntsman and his men bound the Wild Man and took him back to the King who imprisoned him.

This is what we do the Wild Spirit in us. We hide it in a deep pool where it poses a deep threat to us in our civilised world or we imprison it, believing at last we are safe from the Wild Man.

But of course the “Wild Man in us” does get out. It gets out in all the wrong places. We find we are sabotaging our best best efforts, we over-react to situations or we feel deadened or lacking in energy.

In this workshop we will be exploring this mysterious tale and the journey of the young prince who releases the Wild Man and must go through banishment and a series of trials until the Wild Man is finally restored to his rightful place.

Working with the story of the Wild Man is powerful way to transform inner blockages, get to the heart of the patterns that have kept you stuck in old roles and modes of behaviour.

What you might get out of it:

  • Expression of the vital and alive energy that lives in you, freeing yourself of emotional baggage and stuckness.
  • Unlock creativity and self expression
  • Increased energy, aliveness and sense of well being.
  • Transformation of blockages to success in relationships, career and health


DATE: 3rd/4th November 2013
TIMES: 10.30-5.30pm
LOCATION: Helios Centre, 116 Judd Street, London WC1
TUBES: King Cross, Russel Square, Euston

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Limited spaces

Workshops are limited to eight people, and this means that you will build up a strong level of trust with a small group of people who are 100% in support of you making a significant shift in an important area of your life. This makes the workshop a very safe place to explore any area where you are stuck. And you will also be able to work much more deeply and at an individual level.

More information about weekend workshop


About Claire Schrader

I edited the book on Ritual Theatre, because I was passionate about the power of ritual theatre to heal and transform through my work as dramatherapist in the personal development field. I brought together leading dramatherapists from UK and USA to explore the many way in which they have worked with


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