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Sesame Institute Courses

Soul and the Sesame Approach

The Sesame Institute, is offering a two year continuing professional development course in London beginning in December 2012. Linked to the work of James Hillman this Jungian programme is open to registered counsellors, psychotherapists, all health professionals, teachers and clergy wishing to discover how embodied imagination and movement offer an image language for the Soul, when words cannot do justice to the presence of the numinous teacher and inner healer.

The course places high value on experiential work having its own potency in therapy, and honours symbol based language as the prime energy in any healing work. Please see

http://www.sesame-institute.org/psyche-and-somafor more.

The inclusive fee is £2500. Successful graduates will be awarded a Sesame Institute Certificate in the Use of drama and movement in therapy.

AUTUMN INTRODUCTORY COURSE – 17,18,19 October 2012

 Three day introduction to Drama and Movement Therapy – The Sesame Approach

Each course has a practical and experiential emphasis exploring how drama, movement, creative voice and sound, movement with touch and story enactment can be used as therapeutic resources.  The training is an intensive professional course, and is not personal therapy.  It offers an opportunity to experience components of the Sesame Approach, and then explore their practical application.  The emphasis is on learning through personal experience rather than prescribed teaching of set models.

Course Leader: Mary Smail, the Director of the Sesame Institute.


The Sesame Studio, 27 Blackfriars Road
London SE1 8NY


£390 individual
£520 institutional
£270 concession

More information: If you would like further details of this or any of the other courses Sesame runs please contact Christine Hanfrey at the Sesame Institute.

27 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NY Tel: 020 7633 9690

The Sesame Institute
Drama and movement in Therapy


About Claire Schrader

Developed myth-a-drama, an approach bringing together the healing potential of myth and drama (ritual theatre). I offer my clients an opportunity to play, and inhabit the parts of ourselves that normally get locked away. The benefits: more emotional health, a way of clearing out the toxic emotional junk that builds up in the course of our lives, release stress, and reclaim the child within.


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