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London Book Launch – coming soon

The London Launch of Ritual Theatre is coming soon.

Provisional date at the moment is the evening of Friday 20th April – we are currently seeking a venue for this important event.

It will be a participatory event – similar to what we have offered in Northern California. If you would like to attend – please contact me below and I will make sure you receive an invitation.

This will be very different from a normal book launch/signing.

The celebration will include a presentation by 3 of the book’s contributors (Claire Schrader, Debra Colket and Thalia Valeta), short performances and offerings from Making Moves participants and an opportunity to experience some ritual theatre for yourself.

This event would be of especial interest to you if you’re interested in healing, theatre, the arts, creativity or self-expression, or are a therapist, counselor, theatre practitioner or student.

My very warmest wishes

Claire Schrader

About Claire Schrader

Developed myth-a-drama, an approach bringing together the healing potential of myth and drama (ritual theatre). I offer my clients an opportunity to play, and inhabit the parts of ourselves that normally get locked away. The benefits: more emotional health, a way of clearing out the toxic emotional junk that builds up in the course of our lives, release stress, and reclaim the child within.


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