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Ritual Theatre book is published

I am delighted to announce Ritual Theatre, The Power of Dramatic Ritual in Personal Development Groups and Clinical Practice is now published in the UK and is on sale through the Jessica Kingsley website. It is due to be published in the US on 15th December.

You may also like to view this interview with me on the publishers blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

JKP Can you talk about the book, and its underlying thesis?

Claire Schrader

CS Ritual theatre is one of the most ancient form of healing that is still practiced in tribal societies today. As Sue Jennings points out, from earliest times ancient people healed themselves and explored what they couldn’t understand about the world through dramatic ritual. The book is saying that this is still relevant today, in fact it’s never been more important. The faster our world becomes, the further advances we make in science and technology, the more we need to return to our essential roots.

Malidoma Somé says it very forcefully: “the Western Machine Technology is the spirit of death made to look like life”. He says we need to return to our spiritual roots and this is achieved most effectively through ritual. So it’s no surprise that in this modern age people are returning to ritual and to tribalism and this is being expressed most potently in youth culture.

So the book is about how ritual theatre can be expressed in a contemporary way that fits in with the way our lives are. People are hungering for this because the technological age is making us more and more disconnected, more in our heads and this is producing tremendous suffering under the labels of stress, fatigue and health problems.

Ritual theatre along with the Arts Therapies counteract this. So the book includes ways in which ritual theatre is being brought into hospitals, institutions and work with marginal groups as well as to the general public. For the full interview

I received a letter from Roger Grainger, one of the book’s contributors and author of many books on the healing aspects of drama about his impressions of the book in which he says:

I feel the book itself to be a major landmark in our understanding of the things which really matter.

I am deeply touched by Roger’s comment – and if there is anything has struck me as the book has come together, is the way in which ritual theatre brings us into awareness of the important things in life.

Here’s some useful links if you want to investigate more:

The book’s page, where you can buy the book directly from JKP:

The reviews page:

The table of contents:

The preview of the book:

Claire Schrader

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About Claire Schrader

Developed myth-a-drama, an approach bringing together the healing potential of myth and drama (ritual theatre). I offer my clients an opportunity to play, and inhabit the parts of ourselves that normally get locked away. The benefits: more emotional health, a way of clearing out the toxic emotional junk that builds up in the course of our lives, release stress, and reclaim the child within.


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